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A unique Software that covers all construction disciplines and connects all partners in one platform

Where are many project management, scheduling, tracking, own created softwares, design softwares and similar available, our software is designed for detail execution of industrial plant construction projects that covers all construction disciplines and partners in one single platform. It is designed from people for people and perfectly connect the field with the office. Data are in real-time for all people involved available so that everybody works with the same status of information. From everywhere you have internet connection with your PC, smartphone, tablet or similar.


Nothing is better than to see what the software can do. Therefore, watch some of our Videos to get a first impression about the Software.

Test it for free..... You will like it

This are the features of METIS

Line list

  • Overview about all Pipelines in the project 

  • Revision Management

Isometric Management

  • All information related to each Isometric

  • Save Isometric & working Isometric

  • Calculate Best Prefabrication

  • Calculate Best Erection

  • Manage Priorities

  • Manage Working Status 

  • Manage Revision

  • Overview about the volume of work for each Isometric

  • Overview about Weldings per Isometric

  • Overview about calculated hours vs. real hours

  • Overview about material status and which material was handed over to production

  • Part list per Isometric

  • Define the Spools

  • Report Delays

  • Attach Documents & Pictures


  • Overview about all parts of an Isometric or Drawing

  • Reserve material for production

  • Materialmanagement per Isometric

  • Manage missing material

  • Stock Management

  • Revision Management

Progress reporting

  • Manage your progress per Discipline, Drawing or Isometrics based on different calculation methods

  • Manage Progress on Welding performed

  • Manage progress for all Disciplines

  • Keep Track from one week to the other how progress is performed

  • Set up Target Progress and compare with current progress

  • Permanently updating of the Progress if something was performed in production (Example when a Weld was performed)

  • Set up Recovery curves if needed

  • Compare your project with hours spent and evaluate Productivity

Material Management

  • Manage incoming material

  • Manage material requests

  • Overview about missing material

  • Heat Number traceability

  • Certificate administration

  • Manage HOLD material

  • Manage Project parts

Claim Management

  • Create Change order in the Field

  • Sign for additional works in the Field

  • Calculate the price right on the spot

  • Manage the Change order until final approval and invoicing

  • Manage budget time vs real needed time for execution

  • Upload pictures & files


  • Make the calculation for each drawing/isometric

  • Calculate the hours for work execution per drawing/isometric

  • Get the calculations from your Subcontractors

  • Check Subcontractor calculation vs your calculation

  • Avoid overcharging to Subcontractors

  • Keep track on your invoice value/project value

  • Have permanently a status what was executed in field

Welding & Material documentation

  • Management of your Welders

  • Management of Welders certifications

  • Traceability about Welder performance 

  • Management of WPS & WPQR

  • Traceability of Filler material

  • Full Welding & Material Documentation

  • ​Create the Welding documentation for each Isometric

  • Welding recording & traceability

  • Traceability of the Material used from receiving until installation including heat numbers and certificates

  • Traceability of Certificates

  • Traceability about Welder performance 

  • Overview about Welding status & open welds

  • Overview about DIA inch and Welds to be welded and how much are performed per Isometric

  • Overview about the testing status per Isometric

  • Revision control

  • Attach documents & pictures

Pressure test planning

  • Define the test circuits

  • Define Priorities

  • Track the Execution status

  • Track the status of related Isometrics

  • Obtain signatures in the field

  • Keep work history

  • Manage Blind list

  • Manage Dismantled items for Pressure test

  • Manage the list of calibrated items

  • Revision control

  • Report Delays

  • Attach files & pictures

Task Manager

  • Create Task for your Team members, Subcontractors and/or Clients

  • Manage the Tasks created

  • Make priority on importance and urgency of your Task

  • Allocate Tasks to Users or even Teams

  • From Management until the workers in the Field

TIE In Management

  • Overview about Project TIE In's

  • Define Priorities

  • Track the Execution status

  • Track the status of related Isometrics

  • Keep work history

  • Revision control

  • Report Delays

  • Attach files & pictures

Subcontractor Management

  • Keep track on your Subcontractors

  • Manage the Invoicing

  • Overview about Contract status

  • Manage Change Orders

  • Traceability about the communication with your Subcontractors


  • ​Manage each single scaffold

  • Manage the Invoicing

  • Overview about each scaffold and the related days erected

  • Manage Change Orders

  • Report Delays

  • Upload Pictures & Files


  • Create Punch points

  • Define Priorities

  • Track Punch points per Discipline, Pipeline, Test Circuit and/or even per Isometric or Drawing

  • Sign in the field that Punch points are finished

  • Report Delays

  • Attach files & pictures


  • Overview about the status of each Spool

  • Record Storage dates

  • Record pick up dates

  • Record Spool storage place

  • Overview about Production status of each Spool

  • Overview about Painting and insulation status of each Spool

  • Report Delays

Site Instruction Management

  • ​Manage your Site instructions

  • Overview about Execution status of your Site instructions

  • Client confirms in the field the execution of Site instruction with his signature

  • Upload pictures & files

Drawing Management

  • Manage Civil Drawings

  • Manage Equipment Drawings

  • Manage E&I Drawings

  • Manage Steel structure Drawings

  • Manage all other Drawings

  • Manage Priorities

  • Manage Progress status

  • Keep track on Working Teams

  • Manage Revisions on Drawings

Transmittal / TQ Management

​With Click and Send you can easily send Transmittals, Letters, TQ's, notifications, shop drawings, questions, clarifications, etc. out to subcontractors, clients or any partner involved in the project, they will be tracked in the database just like all other documents and you will never get lost about send or received correspondence. The numbering system will give unique numbers so that you easy find and follow up your writings.

Daily reports

  • Make your Daily log

  • Fast working by taking over and modifying of the log of the day before

  • Get the logs of your Subcontractors

  • Inform your Client about ongoing issues

  • Documentation of your work and daily Happenings

Hours recording

  • Record the hours and time of each employee and team

  • Fast working by taking over of the hours from day before

  • Allocate the hours to each Discipline, Drawings, Isometrics, Working activities, etc and keep track on your performance

  • Analyse your hours spent

General Documents

  • Store General Documents, Standards etc. for the Project

  • Make them available for all Team members from Management to Field workers

  • Revision Control

  • Upload pictures & files

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