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Shut Down Works

Shut Down means a lot of work in a very short time. Preparation is all and of course to know where you are in every minute of the Shut Down, to minimize interfaces and waiting times between different works and Companies and to have everybody on the same page. This is what you can do with METIS. Imagine how it would be if for each Equipment you have all the Steps to be done in one Software and all of the Shut Down involved Companies / Teams work with Tablets (or you install a Touch Screen Smart Board) and all Companies / Teams can enter just with a click and report in real time when they finished a work. In the same time can be notified other Companies / Teams and they get the related information and can start their work immediately. Of course by doing so also the Progress will be updated, without need of entering the data again in another software like Primavera or MS Project. Furthermore, you will increase the communication between the Teams, minimize waiting times and increase your efficiency in the Shut Down. A lot of Pressure tests to be performed in the Shut Down? It is important to keep track about Blinds and for the Pressure Test dismantled items. You can follow up them simple with the Dashboards. Changes in the Scope occure? Make right away the Change Order, if you want calculate the value of the Change Order, save the related documentation and evidences as Example with pictures that you upload and never forget to invoice something. Keep track on the Scaffoldings that you need with the Scaffolding feature. Minimize your effort in writing the working hours or daily logs with using the “Duplicate” functions because time is short. That is, why you should use METIS in your Shut Downs because you can manage your Shut Downs in a new way - much smarter - as you have all information in one place, report the status of each single item performed in real time directly from construction site, so that everybody know the status and which job he have to do next. Work smarter finish earlier with METIS.


Software features our Clients like most 

  • The Progress reporting tool because in real time directly from construction site reported you know exactly the current progress status and where you should be, without having a scheduling tool like Primavera or MS-Projects

  • The Task Manager because when a work is done can be announced other Teams that they can start with their work and you reduce waiting times.

  • Pressure test Planing and to know the Status about Blinds and Dismantled items as well as to sign the Pressure test reports directly at construction site.

  • The automatic As-Built calculation. Therefore they know the execution values and can see how project budgets develop.

  • To make Change Orders directly at construction site and the possibility to upload the related evidences.

  • Management of Scaffoldings.

  • Management of administrative works like Hours recording or writing of daily reports because of the "Duplicate" functions.

  • The "Report Delay" function where Delays can be easy reported and controlled.


Shutdown Management have to be done different. All projects steps in a software where you record directly at the construction site when a work is performed, that updates the progress automatically. Furthermore, to give task to other partners involved to minimize interfaces and to know exactly what have to be done.   Be part of it. Join Now!
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