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Imagine, what happens when your EPC Contractor or another Company from Execution goes in bankruptcy? You want to avoid that Execution Companies force you to pay additional money otherwise they will not hand over documentation? You just think on this or others that can come up if you are already in this situation but then it is maybe to late or you have to spent additional money. Therefore, for you as Plant Owner, it is especially important to have the documentation, drawings and the status of your project always in your pocket. The same is valid for EPC Companies or in case you make the Site Supervision. Especially when you make the Site Supervision you need to give the confidence to your Client that you manage the projects with high accuracy and with the newest tools. Imagine how your Client will be satisfied or how you as Plant Owner will mange your projects when you have real time information and know exactly what is on-going at construction site and when you can answer questions with pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, you can manage your project budget because based on the real-time information from construction site you see how your budgets develop and have also a great overview about Change Orders. Site instructions and the follow up if they are executed are easily to be followed up. To your Subcontractors you give a Software that helps them in the project execution because projects will be executed on a clear workflow, with clear tasks and roles which will improve their knowledge and performance. METIS is the solution of digitalization of your projects and helps you to minimize your risk in project execution because you are always the Owner of all data, information, etc. and you have all drawings and documentation for your projects in your pocket. Furthermore you can trace the Subcontractors involved and they are getting vitreous for you.  


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Software features our Clients like most 

  • The possibility to store all drawings, data, information, correspondence, etc. in one place because they have also all Subcontractor documentation at any time available.

  • The automatic As-Built calculation. Therefore they know the execution values and can see how project budgets develop.

  • To know exactly the current progress status and where they should be, without having a scheduling tool like Primavera or MS-Projects. 

  • The Punch list tool because they know all open Punch points and the possibility to sign out Punch points on construction site and to create already the related report.

  • Issuing Site instructions with the Software, to follow up them and sign the execution directly on construction site because they can be sure that no work was forgotten to be done.

  • To know at anytime which works Subcontractor Teams are currently performing.

  • The QA/QC part for piping works because they get insight in the welding & welders performance, testing status and the traceability for the material.

  • Being able to give different Subcontractors different access roles in the software so that subcontractors just get access to what they need.

  • To have the entire communication history related to an subject in one table and not in several mails where would be need to look in.


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