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Is my Project Management Champion's league?


May I briefly take you on a journey of thought. Imagine that you have a money printing machine in the basement of your company that always prints the exact sales in money that you need at the end of the month, so that your company can maintain and prosper. What would you do with this machine ..........?

I assume you would maintain the machine, maybe lock it in a safe or wrap it in wool, you would think about how you could improve the machine, change a screw here and fill in some oil there if it is necessary to keep the machine running. At what intervals would you look to that machine?

Even if it sounds weird, you have such a machine. It is not in the basement and is not made of steel and screws, but it is made of flesh and blood, because it is your employees and your project / construction management that brings you the necessary turnover at the end of the month so that your company stays alive. And of course, your employees and your project management must be trained and further developed so that they can cope with the increasing demands in project/construction management and can reliably bring in the money every month. Which maintenance intervals have you introduced in your project / construction management? When was the last significant improvement .................?

Now let's check if you are already playing in the Champions League or if you still have potential to improve your project / construction management!


Basic Questions

Do you have a strategy in place for improving your Project/Construction Management and on a scale from 1- 10(best) where are you?

Do you have problems or stress to achieve your project targets and the calculated margin?

How much time do you invest in managing interfaces and misunderstandings between partners, subcontractors and stakeholders involved in a project?

Do you feel that inter-team and communication with subcontractors, partners and stakeholders is as good as it can be?

What’s the biggest problem you’re facing so far when managing your projects/ project constructions/ shutdowns / site supervision?

What are the time and financial effects on your projects if you don’t manage prober your subcontractors, partners and stakeholders involved?

Do you think it would improve your results if you could record additional works/changes directly at construction site?

What’s the financial impact on your business when your construction management team can’t keep up with the points ongoing at construction site?

Do you think that in principle also industrial plant construction project/construction management will be digitalized in the future and we are just at the beginning?

What’s the average cost of low performance of working teams, high failure quote of welders, rework and to find it out late?


Detail Questions

Do you have all data, information, correspondence, pictures in one place and allocated to the subject, to an Isometric or drawing? This is accessible with phone, tablet or PC from anywhere you have internet access?

Your data are processed in Real-time? Your Site Construction Team including Foreman have tablets or phones and give related information into an application that is connected with the office?

Additional works you can calculate on the working place, on the construction site and Client can signed on the spot and you can mange and trace them until invoicing?

When you walk through the construction site and you see a Punch point you can make a picture and record this Punch point directly in a system? Furthermore you can follow up the Punch point execution and sign related protocol at the working place directly?

You can make Progress recording for different disciplines like Civil, Steel structure, E&I, Piping, Welding, Insulation, Painting, etc. - on different methods- with real time updates (As example when a Weld is performed, Progress updates automatic)? You can make Progress reporting from total estimated project values and you can trace your current available work value and calculate the progress from them?


More Questions?

Contact us now for your FREE analyze what you really need and if we can help you to get your Project execution to Champion's league!

You, Simplify Plant Construction Life!

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