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Your Story is our Story

I am sure, you are a successful Plant Owner, Plant Construction Company, EPC Company and/or Piping Company. You have already executed several projects in this very difficult industry, successfully. You are industry best practice, and you wish to be the benchmark for the next decades!

Nevertheless, even so, you also have sleepless nights because in some of those projects you faced also difficulties like Delays, Quality issues, Time pressure, Cost or Budget impacts, issues with Suppliers, discussion with Clients or Subcontractor about invoicing and additional works performed and many other issues. That gives you headache and let you feel the pain of project execution. You are permanently looking for solution, to overcome daily challenges but missing data, missing real-time information, issues with bad or missing documentation, lack of clear and transparent workflows and other issues makes your daily business life hard. To take the right decisions, in finding of best solutions, as arguments towards clients and subcontractors and more; so that you can obtain the best result for your company?

In worst case sleepless nights, suffering, frustration, being afraid, losing of money or trust with client and subcontractors are just a few of several results because of this situation. Some of us say, we don't get a salary paid, we get just compensation for personal pain and suffering. You would say, normally daily project business? No is not because I can help you!

Since more than 20 years in this business, starting as Fitter up being General Manager of a Company with more than 1.000 permanent employees, I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same.

Therefore, I decided that I must do something against it. One day, couple of years ago, when I received a package and had to sign for the reception right away, it was clear for me like a sky without clouds.

I will make for me and you a Software – METIS - for execution of industrial plant construction projects, piping works, epc-projects, shutdowns and for projects where you have the supervision to reduce the burden of project execution.

I wanted to have a Software, where you have all files, data and information, correspondence, etc. in one place. Where you can make based on facts, best decision. I wanted to have Real time Information, about each drawing in the project or as Example how much welding’s I should have done in this minute and how much I have real done. I wanted to be sure that you don't forget to charge additional works, that the information from Subcontractors are correct, that you paid them correctly and that you have them under control. I wanted that you know all the time, how much was executed and how is my performance at this moment.

I wanted to make a specific software for you, not a general Project Management software that is just half usable that perfectly connects the field with the office. Where all disciplines and people involved have the same status of information. A software that avoids double entry, simply, a Software that Simplifies Plant Construction. That is our main Target: Simplify your plant construction Life.

But, METIS is not only a Software. METIS is Thinking. METIS is Execution. We all that are in connection with the in industrial plant construction industry are METIS and you can become a member of the Team. The industrial plant construction industry is to drive fundamental and cultural change. Digital transformation will be the key for successful project execution. Our Vision is not only to be part of this transformation and to create the best Software for execution of Industrial Projects, EPC Projects, Piping Projects, Shutdowns or Projects you have the Site Supervision. We are part of your doing and we help you to execute your projects on a better way, smoother and to reduce your pain in execution. You, Simplify your plant construction Life!

Therefore, is essential to analyze what you really need! What you need to simplify your project execution. That brings you forward in your business and that you will really use! We are close to you and your projects. We develop further and we keep what we promise. My commitment is that you get what you need. If not, it will not be done or is for free. With Passion and Know How we support your projects and together we are successful. You will be the Hero of project execution.

You,Simplify Plant ConstructionLife!



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