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16 Essential Questions. You should ask yourselves related to your project management

What would it mean for you and your company if you further burn money, lose unsatisfied employees, lose your market position or if you oversleep the digitalization of your Project/Construction Management? If competitors overpass you left and right? Like Nokia for phones......? What are you doing against it?

What would it mean for you if: All companies, disciplines and people involved in the project are integrated on one platform? But they not only access their relevant data, information, drawings, correspondence, project status, etc. they also make already directly at construction their corresponding entries or documentation into the application? If the "transparent project in real time" is not just a dream. If it became practical reality? The construction site and office would be therefore perfectly connected and the information, communication and decisions in the project get a completely new quality!

It would be a benefit for you as plant owner or EPC company to achieve your project targets if you could see in early stage already (as Example already during engineering phase) how your project budgets are developing and the project is likely to cost in the end. And this in real time? The same for project execution. Where in real time, based on facts you could see when projects are running out of time, budget or when the quality does not meet the expectations anymore?

Imagine what it means for you as an execution company if you always know what you will likely be billing at the end of the project? When you know in real time what you have processed right now and could therefore currently invoice? If you don't need any more to prepare the invoice with high effort at the end of every month?

Can you improve your results if you record additional services directly on the construction site and therefore never again forget to invoice them? If you will never miss the necessary documentation?

Imagine, if as Example your Foreman is entering directly from construction site, with a simple "click" on his tablet or phone that a job has been completed. Progress is adjusted in real time! Furthermore, you reduce waiting times because it will be announced that next tasks can be started. Would that be a benefit for you?

You are still losing contracts against 2nd class competitors? Client does not see that you an innovative and distinguished company? They think it is easy to replace you with someone else? If so, why is it like that?

What would it mean for you if you have all the time the entire project status and entire documentation, data, drawings, correspondence, etc. in your hands? Even when your contractor goes in bankruptcy?

How would it influence your project results when you perfectly connect the construction site with the office and therefore minimize your effort on site? Which is saving costs in accommodation, daily allowances, traveling, site facilities, etc.?

What are the average costs for teams with poor performance, for welders with a high error rate and finding it out late or not at all and for the time spent for double paper works?

You are still losing a lot of time and money because your employees cannot work efficient? As they still must work in several Excel lists or different software’s? Missing data and information make it hard to make best and informed decisions? What would it mean for you if this would be changed?

Where many Planning, Scheduling, Engineering and other software are available, do you think that in principal you still have potential to improve your project/ construction/ shutdown/ site supervision? A specific cloud based software that covers the entire Project/Construction Management life cycle and all disciplines would be helpful?

How much time is wasted and how much waiting times occur per day because of inefficient communication with back office, subcontractors, partners and stakeholders involved?

What are the time and financial effects on your projects if you don’t manage prober your subcontractors, partners and stakeholders involved?

Would it be helpful if one software is telling you as example, which isometrics you should prefabricate with the current available material to produce the most Welding or to build up the most weight?

What’s the financial impact on your business when your construction management team or site supervision can’t keep up with the points ongoing at construction site?

You, Simplify Plant Construction Life!

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