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Piping Construction

To execute Piping works means stress and pain. You have a lot of isometrics that is hard to track which team is working where and what is the status of it. Searching of Spools because they are not found. Welding, NDT and Repair works to be managed, traceability of material and heat numbers and of course to know where you are cost wise; that's just a few challenges you have with Piping works. We help you. You have a price list and Isometrics with part list automatic the As-Built value will be calculated. Revisions in Isometric, no problem the AS-Built value will be automatic update. You can also add different price lists and get therefore the calculation also for your Subcontractors. Furthermore you have a traceability from material arrival until installation and this will be reported in the Welding & Material documentation. NDT are easy to be managed as you can see on fast way all welds performed and what is your test status. Furthermore know all the time about Available Welding’s vs. Performed Welding’s. Learn about our Spoolmanagement because you will never search Spools. Manage your Pressure tests and see what is your Status of Blinds and Dismantled items for pressure test. With the Change order tool you will never miss to invoice an additional work because you can make on site the change order and upload directly related pictures as evidence. Keeping track of all of your isometrics and current execution status is quite simple do be done and you always know where you are. Progress Reporting will be done permanently – in real time- based on different methods and you will also know about Target hours vs. Real hours used. METIS is the solution for best piping project execution because you have your project under full control, your employees can work from office or home office on different projects in the same time and therefore you will earn more money.


Software features our Clients like most 

  • The Management of Isometrics, related Teams and to know the Status of each Isometric.

  • The Welding and Testing part because they get insights in the welding & welders performance, can arrange tests on fast way, know the testing status and have full traceability for the material from arrival until installation.

  • To have a Spoolmanagement where easily can be seen on which status the spools are and other information like where they are stored. 

  • The automatic As-Built calculation. Therefore they know the execution values and can see how project budgets develop.

  • To make Change Orders directly at construction site and the possibility to upload the related evidences.

  • To know exactly the current progress status and where they should be, without having a scheduling tool like Primavera or MS-Projects and to have an overview  about the hours.

  • Pressure test Planing and to know the Status about Blinds and Dismantled items as well as to sign the Pressure test reports directly at construction site.

  • The Punch list tool because they know all open Punch points and the possibility to sign out Punch points on construction site and to create already the related report.

  • TIE IN Management

  • To have the entire communication history related to an subject in one table and not in several mails where would be need to look in.


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