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Make things that matters

Develop, Amaze, Be your boss, Do it

Spend every day with the things you like to do. Be your own boss and start your own business risk free, next to your current job.  The world is changing into a digital transmission and you with METIS can become a part of it. Develop, Manufacture, Produce, Install and be part of the team that is making amazing industrial project management & construction works. Share your ideas within the METIS community and help you, us and our Clients to growth, than together we are much stronger than everyone from us as single person. And make the world to a nicer place. For all of us and our children!

Take off like a rocket now with your new job because you deserve it!

What we do

  • We provide you a full functional and highly developed Software for execution of Industrial  EPC Projects, Piping projects, industrial construction projects and for Shutdowns.

  • We develop the Software permanently further and you will get always the latest version of the Software. Your and your Clients input are highly appreciated and will be considered in the developments.

  • We make the individual developments in case your Client wish such.

  • We make training and qualification of you and your employees on the Software.

  • Service Hotline to support your local Service Hotline.

  • We Support you in your doing. 

  • We make Global Marketing and Advertisements.

  • We develop the Brand further, Cooperate identity and we support you in your local Marketing.

  • Become part of the METIS community.

What you do

  • You have or have to establish your own local Company and to ensure to comply with all local legal requirements.

  • You make Sales, Marketing and Advertisement to get Clients.

  • You make a local Service Hotline for your Clients in case they need support.

Your Advantages

  • You can be a Franchise or Sales Partner. Please see below. As Sales Partner you have no starting costs.

  • You get your own Business and can benefit directly from your Sales success.

  • Low fix and regular costs because you can make the business even from your home. You don't need an office space.

  • You can start to develop your own business next do your regular job.

  • Very low investment costs and fast ROI in case of Franchising and no investment costs as Sales Partner.

  • You benefit from an high developed Application.

  • You may use our existing contacts for your own success.

  • You are part of the METIS community and gain experience and knowledge from this team.

Franchise: Costs & Earning 

  • There is a very small One Time Franchise Fee. With this One Time Fee 

    • We want to be sure that you are a serious Franchise Partner​

    • You get a Website in your Language

    • You get installed the Software on your own Cloud you and can use it free costs for Training or Sales purposes and for your own Project Management

    • You get Training to understand the Software in detail

    • You join the Metis Team and get all our Support do develop your local Business.

    • With max. 2 times Selling of the Software the One Time Fee is already paid.

  • There are no other regular Franchise costs. We just get a commission if you sell the Software. This minimize your risk and you have no real Financing effort.

  • You earn money when you sell the Software.

  • You earn money with Trainings.

  • You earn money with Services you do for your Clients.

  • You earn money when you develop your own Project Management team that you sell.

Sales Partner: Costs & Earning 

  • There is no costs for you when you become a Sales Partner. 

    • The Software is on our Cloud installed and you can use it free costs for Training or Sales purposes.

    • You get Training to understand the Software in detail.

    • You join the Metis Team and get all our Support do develop your local Business.

  • You earn money when you sell the Software as you get a fix Commission per Selling.

  • You earn money with Trainings.

  • You earn money with Services you do for your Clients.

Success stories

I was Project Manager in industrial plant projects and had therefore good contacts. I started with METIS next to my job and it was the best choice I ever made in my professional career. Now I work full time with METIS and have several employees.
I was surprised about the low financial effort I needed to start the business because I did not want to have financial risk. The business is growing and I have good results. Thanks to METIS.
I sold valves before I started the business with METIS. Now I only work with METIS and I enjoy to have less stress and time effort than in my job before and to have much better earnings.The Software and the Support from METIS is great.
Maier Eva / AUT
Popescu Alex / RO
Clark James / UK

Steps to become a Partner

  • You Contact us and we send you a Questionnaire  that you kindly send filled back.

  • We will meet for an Online meeting to clarify details and we decide next steps like meeting in our Headquarter or we send you a contract to be signed.

  • If both parties agree and after all is clear we sign a Contract that is the basis of our collaboration.

  • You get the related Support and Trainings as well as access to the Software.

  • You start your own business and to earn money.

Thank you being interest to become a METIS partner. For further steps we will contact you. All the best. Franz

Join us now / Join the Team!!

If you are interested to become a METIS partner, please fill out the form. No email or phone call please. We contact you after you have registered. 


Q: Which Qualification should I have?
A: There is no specific qualification you need but you should have basic knowledge about Management and Management skills. You should have selling and negotiations skill. Contacts in Industrial Plant Construction business or to Plant Owners are recommended.
Q: What does METIS expect from me?
A: We expect that you have passion for METIS and that you do business in the METIS way. Here you can read about our Vision, our Values.
Do I have exclusivity in my area?
A: You do not have an exclusivity but we limit the METIS partner in one area. All partners get the same conditions.
Q: How big is an area and for which areas can I get a contract?
A: Usually area means your home country for which you can get an contract.
Q: What are the pricing plans and to which price I can sell the Software?
A: We have already different selling plans and for each plan is a minimum selling price and a minimum Fee that you have to pay to METIS. If you can sell the Software to a higher price, it is your own benefit that you do not need to share with METIS. Great! Isn't it? In addition we can together create individual pricing plans for your country.
Q: What is the difference between Franchise and Sales Partner?
A: As Franchise Partner you get the Software installed on your won Cloud and you can have as many as Users you want to have and you can establish your own Project Management Team. As Sales Partner you use the Software on our Cloud and you cannot create Users. Furthermore, as Franchise Partner you have higher Selling Margins and you can allow Clients to use the Software on your Cloud. In our first Meeting we will explain you the difference in detail.   
Q: What are my regular costs with METIS?
A: There are no regular costs that you have. There are no regular Franchising costs. We just benefit when you sell the Software. You can use your home as office and have here maybe some small utilities costs. You will have normal Sales costs for Traveling and phone costs.
Q: What investment costs I have?
A: You have very small one time investment costs. For this costs we create the local website, give you access to the software, you get trainings and the support you need. As we are not invoicing regular Franchising costs, w also want to be sure to have serious partners that are interested in selling METIS.
Q: Do I have a contact person from METIS that supports me in my doing?
A: Yes, you will get your own contact person which is responsible for you and to whom you can address always questions. He will visit you also on regular basis. In addition the entire METIS Team will support you. 
Q: How much time I need for METIS?
A: You need around 1 day to understand the Software and to be able to make presentations to Clients. Software presentations by potential Clients take usually 2 hours plus the traveling time. When you sold the software, training times depending on Client needs to be considered as well. The rest of the effort depends on your targets and business development.
Q: Can I also develop my own Project Management personal that I sell to Clients?
A: Yes you can do this and we would even recommend to do so.
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