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Our Vision our Dreams

Who I am

It was in year 1997. I young man named Franz finished the Engineers school and was ready to start his professional career. I started in an Industrial Plant Construction Company as Helper and was amazed about the installation of such plant. In the meantime I needed to do the military service but it was clear for me that I will return in this industry. This happens couple of month later and I started to work again as Helper/Fitter and it was one of the best ideas ever because on this way, I learned to understand the business from workers point of view. Nevertheless, after a couple of years and with the Engineers school in the back, it was clear that I wanted to do more and I got the chance to work in office. In several projects I was working in Quality-, Work preparation-, Planning- and Commercial department before I was becoming a Project Manager. In the meantime I wanted to increase also my Management skills and therefore I made a Study, next to my job, on an Faculty for Economic Sciences for Industrial Engineering and Management. Many years late I made than in addition also a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration. In year 2007 I made an other very good decision. I was becoming the Manager for an Maintenance Outsourcing Project in Romania and was 1,5 years later appointed as Managing Director of this Company, in the age of 32 years. Starting from Maintenance we developed the Company to an Industrial Erection and EPC Project Management Company, executing projects from Jamaica on one site of the world up to Israel/Turkmenistan on the other site of the world and having more than 1.000 permanent employees in the Company. 

One day, when I received a package and had to sign for the reception right away, it was clear to me, by packages it could be done but by execution of projects with millions, I need as Example to wait for the signature of the additional works and cannot to it directly on the working place? That cannot be! Furthermore times are changing and the way of project execution is going straight on to digitalization. Where many Engineering and Planning/Scheduling Softwares are available the available Softwares for Industrial Project Executions are quite limited. Most of Company still works with Excel lists, own created Databases, Own Softwares, Barcode Scanning methods and others. In times of digitalization, where projects are to be executed faster and faster, the effort on documentation is increasing and Clients have higher and higher expectation, I was thinking is time to create a real Industrial Project Execution Software. This is why I founded couple of years ago METIS. The solution for the digitization of industrial plant construction projects, EPC Project Management,  piping construction projects and Shutdown Management, that includes the management of subcontractors and other trades as well.


Our Vision, Our Dreams

As a family business, we think in generations. The industrial Plant Construction industry as well as the world is permanently in change. We are aware that the elusive digital transformation is not achievable without the broader view of business transformation.
The success of a company today is determined by cooperation and organization. Company success is firmly connected to social, safety and health-oriented, economical execution of work as well as employees satisfaction and performance of the work in an economical, sustainable, ecological and social sense.  
Over the past years we have developed METIS but METIS is not only a Software. METIS is Thinking. METIS is Industrial Project Execution. We all that are in connection with the in industrial plant construction industry are METIS and you can become a member of the Team. The industrial plant construction industry is to drive fundamental and cultural change. Digital transformation will be the key for successful project execution. Our Vision is not only to be part of this transformation and to create the best Software for Execution of Industrial Projects, EPC Projects, Piping projects and Shutdowns and to develop the Software permanently further; the METIS community will become central also a central part of our strategy. 
Furthermore, we also want to contribute to make our world better, to save worlds resources, to reduce emissions and to give the basic for sustainable project execution because with METIS you can reduce as Example traveling effort. That's our Dream!

My Commitment

We provide you an Application that Simplify Plant Construction and brings you forward in your business and project execution and that you will really use. We are close to you and your projects and we keep what we promise. With Passion and Know How we are Together successful!!

A business done just to get money is not a business (Henry Ford)

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