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Q: What means „Test for FREE“

A: You get free access to our Server. You can create projects and test within this project all functionalities of the software. You will get an Online Training about the Software and we will set up together your first projects on which you can test. The testing period is for up to 3 month. You will not have any costs for this testing.


Q: WHY you offer a 12 month Money Back Garantie 

A: Because we want that you have a software that you really use and helps you in your project execution otherwise is worthless. Within 12 month you should have enough time to find out if METIS is the right choice for you.

Q: Can differently people use the Software with different Permissions?

A: Yes, you can give different Roles for different projects with different permissions to different User. For each different permission you can give, "create", "update", "read" and "delete" permissions.

Q: What you are doing with the data. How can I ensure that my data are save?

A: As the Software will be installed on a Cloud you already have or that you will order by yourselves you are the Owner of the Cloud and therefore you are always the Owner of the data. 


Q: What are the core features of METIS?

A: The core features are Line List Management, Isometric Management, Progress Reporting, Material Management, Welding Management, Commercial Management, Pressure Test Planning, TIE In Management, Scaffolding, Punch list, Spool Management, Site Instructions, Management of Civil, Steel structure, Equipments, E&I, Communication Management, Daily logs, Hours Recording and Task Manager.


Q: For whom is METIS:

A: For all Plant Owners or Companies in the Plant Construction industry that execute EPC projects, Piping projects, Shut Downs and for Companies that make Site Supervision.

Q: Does the Software have Material Management?

A: Yes, furthermore you can see how much quantity for an item you need, how much you have ordered, how much is on stock and  how much was already given out. In addition you have full traceability about Heat numbers from arrival, giving out to production until installation, you can add the related certificates. You have also full Welding & Material traceability documentation.

Q: Have the Software a Welding documentation?

A: Yes the software have a full Welding and Material documentation. Furthermore you can see what was NDT tested and what should be NDT tested. The recording of NDT tests are simple to be done because you see in a section all welds done in the last days (in another section you see all welds performed in the project) and with Clicks you can make the orders for NDT and the result will be posted in the Welding documentation. For each Welder you know how much he have welded, how much was tested and what is his repair quote. In addition you have an overview about the weldings to be performed in the project and how much weldings was already done. You can save companies Quality documents, have traceability about Filler Material and all of this information are to be linked with the Welding book.

Q: How is Progress Control done?

A: When you use the Progress tool, progress is permanently done. As Example if you have a Weld welded, Progress of Welding will update automatically. You can insert or import the days on which you want to save the progress figures and based on this days it makes the Progress S-Curve. You can insert Target data and check with Real data. You can make Progress Control for Piping on Values performed, on Weight as well as Progress on Weldings. in addition you can make Progress on Equipments, Steel structure, E&I, Civil works, Painting, Insulation and on Others if you need.

Q: How many users can work in the same time on a project:

A: There is no limitation of Users that can work in a project.

Q: Can I get individual adjustments in the software?

A: Yes, we can adjust the software specific for you.


Q: How often Updates are coming and do I have to pay for the updates?

A: We are permanently improving our software and therefore regular updates are coming when ever we have implemented additional features. This updates are all free for the METIS community.


Q: Is it possible to have interfaces to other programs?

A: Yes is possible and if you are interested we will talk in detail about this.


Q: Is it possible to connect external partners like Clients and Suppliers to the software?

A: Yes is possible. Everyone you allow can have access to the software and you have the control what you allow him to see or to do.

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