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Give your field teams the confidence that they’ll have what they need, each day when they arrive. By centralizing data and communications, METIS keeps all people involved in the project up to date, connect the information from the field with the information from office and vice versa. Project files are available at your fingertips, you have a detailed electronically construction record, you reduce paper based documentation and your project information never getting lost. Since every project employee works with the same information and project status as well as with helpful program applications such as the task manager, you improve and simplify communication between all project employees involved. This optimally connect the office with the construction site and vice versa, which means that fewer construction site visits are necessary. Imagine what you do with the extra time. Family or your hobbies will thank you. Integrate your customers and suppliers and minimize your effort. Manage project correspondence in one place, information and data in various Excel lists and documents are history. METIS allows you, to manage dozens of projects with ease. It helps you saving your time and money and keeping construction as easy as possible.​

Collaboration 24/7

All information’s related to your plant construction project are available for everybody in the project with updated and accurate information. Never work on old documents again. Team members can easily assign tasks to each other and communicate inside the system. This brings teams together.Never work from an outdated document again. METIS is the Application to increase your productivity, reduce your risk and maximize collaboration.

Building Intelligence

Transform your plant construction and project documents into intelligence and learn from one project to the other. You will improve your learning curve, the collaboration among team members, reduce project errors, and make smarter decisions throughout the plant construction lifecycle.

With the learnings and experiences out of the different projects you will boost the knowledge of your project teams and you will standardize your process.

Success will not be anymore a result of luck, it will be because of your processes and knowledge. 

Increase Productivity

Productivity and profitability go hand-in-hand. When field teams have all information and materials they need at the working site, at that time they need, with no delays, projects get completed faster. When information will be given in directly in the field, this reduces works for searching, reworks or office works and double works will e avoided, then the things are done much more productive. As all information are available at any location, needed office people on site can be reduced and the Application is paying itself only from the savings of accommodation costs.

Powerful reporting

Data are good to collect but more important is to get the right interpretation of the datas in order to make best decissions. The powerful filter and analysis possibilities, allows project members involved a much more comprehensive and real-time perspective on operations, allowing them to make more accurate forecasts, align the next steps in production and making right decisions. Reports can be done from any team member very easy as well as exports to Excel if needed.


Digital documents don't burn, float or get lost. Make your documents digital, searchable and always accessible and keep a back up of your datas every day. PLANT-DIGITAL keeps your documents current across all your devices.

You can store all or pictures, files, documents, etc. only in one single place.

Don't get caught working with old information.Everyone involved have the same information available.

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