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Case Study Piping

Reference is made to an mainly Piping Project where it was calculated for Project / Construction Management, at Construction Site, in Total 35.000 Hours (or 3.500 Mandays). For such Projects the saving can be as per following chart. 
The Savings at Construction Site are around 1.100 Mandays or 30% of your Site Construction Manpower requirement!!
Imagine the costs you save when for 1.100 Mandays you save Accommodation costs, Daily allowance costs and costs for site facilities.
Not considered here are the costs of less manpower needed for Project/Construction Management in generally because you avoid double entry of datas. 
Furthermore, it is easy to transfer work from your office to home office. Your employees can work from everywhere they have internet connection.
METIS is not only paid from the costs for Accommodation and Daily allowance you save, you will save in additional costs!!

Additional Benefits

Besides the clear savings on accommodation and daily allowance costs, METIS gives you additional benefits such as:
  • Imagine how much you can in addition earn, when on construction site you simple record additional works, so that you do not forget them to invoice and that they are lost.
  • Minimize your effort when you delegate works to Subcontractors such as to NDT Company, Scaffolding Company or others.
  • With the As Built Accounting tool you make easily your accounting and also the accounting of subcontractors in the same time. This avoids overpayment of Subcontractors and double work.
  • You think Quality costs money? Yes, is correct but if you do not have your Quality under control it costs you even more. Therefore, know at any time the performance of your welders and what is your NDT status. With METIS, its easy!
  • It is a process and work but imagine how much you can save on costs when you avoid double entry and paper works. It must be done anyway but you will save significant costs when your people give directly in the field related information into METIS already, such as Welds performed, Punch-points and clearance of them, Pressure test execution, Blind- and Removed items list, Works status and Works performed, etc.
  • This will also improve your Project Management and when you have Real-time information always in your pocket or briefcase this will help you to make the right decision and to support your team even from away.
  • Streamline your processes and execute all projects in the same way. This will help your employees to work on several projects at the same time and saves you costs.
METIS is the answer of Digitalization for your Industrial Projects.
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