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What is METIS

Wht is METIS

METIS was a mythical Titaness belonging to the second generation of Titans. By the era of Greek philosophy Metis had become the mother of wisdom and deep thought and as this we consider our Software for Management of Plant Construction projects.

You don't like to waste time and money? We doesn't like it as well! Therefore, METIS is the solution to become a smarter plant construction company. To have your plant construction projects under control because it is the solution for digitalization of your Plant Construction projects and Shut Down works. It is not a Scheduling Software, however you can track progress with the software. In order to minimize the risk, manage the cost, to get maximum efficiency and to have complete transparency about the project, it is necessary to manage the entire plant construction lifecycle in a full-in-one single system. METIS is designed to run projects in the way of connecting people, companies, applications and devices. Long gone, are the days of double entry and single solutions because with METIS you manage all in one platform. Furthermore, your processes will be streamlined within all of your project and in real-time you get insight into your projects and you make informed decisions. This is METIS!! Now is your time to take the ball of Digitalization and make a chip pass into your Organization......


How does METIS work for you

METIS is a Cloud based Software that works form everywhere you have internet access and is working via Browser on PC, Tablets and Smartphones. 


  • You have the Cloud (together chosen) and therefore you are the Owner of your data. If you prefer we can make also the Cloud arrangement.

  • You manage your projects successful


  • We install the Software on you Cloud.

  • We make the Trainings and skill your people.

  • We make software maintenance and  further developments.

  • We help you whenever you need.

  • We support you along your projects. Together, we are successful

  • We can provide you Project Management people for your Project execution.

With METIS you can do more work from the office or home office because you perfectly connect the construction site with the office. Customers and Subcontractors can also be integrated. This significantly improves communication, reduces Employees needed at construction site and minimizes interfaces in the project. METIS is paid only from the Accommodation and Travel costs you save.

Franz Kitting-Muhr / Owner Capslock Industrial Service e. U.

Why you should us METIS

  • You make better decisions because you have all data, information, correspondence, drawings in real time in one place with access from anywhere where there is an internet connectio

  • 93 out of 100 assembly companies say that they have a clearer structure and better processes in their project execution and that their project results have improved considerably.

  • Imagine how you amaze your customers when you and your employees always have the status of your projects in your pants or briefcase and can answer questions with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Plant operators and EPC companies are enthusiastic about the overview they now have about their projects and subcontractor and with the information they now have, they can intervene earlier.

  • The majority of our customers confirm that they can deploy their employees more flexibly on projects because each project has the same structure and employees can quickly find their way around the different projects.

  • How would it be if during your work execution on site you indicate an additional work, inform your client about it, you calculate the costs on the spot and client confirms and sign for the additional work directly on the c?! You say not possible. With Plant-Digital it is!! 

  • You connect perfectly the construction site with the office and vice versa and therefore you need less personnel at construction site which saves costs.

  • You automize works and this reduces your effort in Project Management

  • You can integrate also Subcontractors and Clients and sign documents directly on construction site.

  • You streamline your processes and have a clear why of project execution, employees can work on different projects in the same time and new team members are faster integrated.

  • You digitalize your projects and manage the entire plant construction lifecycle in a full-in-one single system

  • Because you can just win. You can test for free. Furthermore, with the 12 month Money Back Guarantee you have enough time to find out if METIS is the right choice for you.

  • YOU, Simplify your Plant Construction Life

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What Clients say

Since we have METIS we have a clear flow how we execute piping projects and this have made us much better than before and we can see it in our results.

Patrick Tomasi / Enemek Industries





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How METIS helps you

How METIS helps you

Here, in the Blog you find our full story.

You know that; sleepless nights, worries that torment you? When it is about your projects and the project management of your plant construction / pipe construction projects, then I can help you to reduce stress and your mental pain. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry - from locksmith to be general manager of a company with more than 1.000 own employees - I know exactly how you feel.


The solution is METIS, your jump into digital project management. Imagine that you have for all of your projects, all data, information, drawings, correspondence, etc. in your pocket or briefcase. You and your team are always well informed in real time. You also know what your executing teams and your subcontractor teams are currently working on and what the progress is. You can also view, edit and control the status of your projects in a relaxed and comfortable manner while you are on a trip, from your office or home office.You support your team and make the right decisions from anywhere you are. Your team and yourself can do more work from the office, thus minimizing the workforce on the construction site. In addition, all of your projects have the same structure and the employees can quickly find their way around each project. This makes it easier for them to work on several projects simultaneously. Experiences are taken from one project to another and your project management and your company will be significantly better. You will earn more money. Since every project employee works with the same information and project status as well as with helpful program applications such as the task manager, you improve and simplify communication between all project employees involved. This optimally connect the office with the construction site and vice versa, which means that fewer construction site visits are necessary. Imagine what you do with the extra time! Family or your hobbies will thank you. Integrate your customers and suppliers and minimize your effort. Manage project correspondence in one place, information and data in various Excel lists and documents are history with METIS. For example, create the billing for yourself and your subcontractors at the same time. The software already makes independent suggestions based on the available information. All this saves money and gives you the necessary security in your project execution.

Imagine what status you will have with your customer if you and your employees on site or in meetings always have all the latest information available and you can answer questions with pinpoint accuracy. You will amaze your customers with the latest technology and project management. Your competitors will envy you.


However, most important is what you really need and how we can help you!

Franz, when have you time to meet next week for a cost free meeting do fins out if you can help us?


See you soon

Franz Kitting-Muhr

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