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About Us

Who is METIS

We all are METIS. We all that work in Plant Construction industry and have METIS in use are METIS because with your feedback we develop METIS further and it becomes what it is. The best Software for execution of Plant Construction projects, Shut Downs and for Site Supervision.

My name is Franz Kitting-Muhr and I am the founder of the Software. In the last more than 20 years I was working in different Countries to execute together with my teams Plant Construction Projects and Shut Downs. My experience starts with working as a Fitter up to be General Manager of a Plant Construction company and therefore I know quite well the needs of different people involved in the execution of Plant Construction projects and Shut Downs. Read more about me.

Several people in different positions from Plant Owners, EPC Contractors, Piping Companies together with the IT team was part of the development of METIS and it continues with the improvements that are coming from daily use. Great ideas and visions are in the brains. Join us now, become member of the METIS team.


We focus on people

In everything we do, we want people to make everyday work easier in industrial plant construction industry. We believe that digital process optimization can make a big contribution to this. That is why we put people and their daily work processes at the center of our considerations and our actions. We attach great importance to individual needs and the ease of use of METIS. Together with our customers, we therefore also adjust individual the software to optimize your business processes.

Companies Values

Client value creation:

Our core doing is creating values for our clients and their employees. We deliver WOW through Service and Competence. We act fast and efficient in all our doing.

Reliable & trustful

We keep what we promise and point.

Working as team

We are a team, we work as a team together and we always act as a team. We have responsibility and respect for each other, employees can think open, big, have fun, and do good.

Social responsibility & Environment

We assume our social responsibility and we do all possible to reduce the environmental impact of our doing.

Passion & Heart:

Passion is at the heart of our company. We love what we do. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.


If it is to be, it’s up to me.


It is our target in all our doing to simplify the things.

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