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The industrial plant construction industry is to drive fundamental and cultural change. Digital transformation will be the key for successful project execution. Our Vision is not only to be part of this transformation and to create the best Software for Execution of Industrial Projects, EPC Projects, Piping projects and Shutdowns and to develop the Software permanently further; the METIS community will become a central part of our strategy. 

Over the past years we have developed METIS but METIS is not only a Software. METIS is Thinking. METIS is Industrial Project Execution. We all that are in connection with the industrial plant construction industry are METIS because with your feedback we develop METIS further and it becomes what it is: The best Software for execution of EPC, Plant Construction projects, Shut Downs and for Site Supervision.Become now a member to the team.

METIS is not:
A scheduling software. Nevertheless METIS have several project reporting function where you always know exactly - in real time -  where you are in your project and what is the exact status of execution. You can create even several S-Curves for all Disciplines and compare Target versus Actual.

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Our Story
It was in year 1997. I young man named Franz finished the Engineers school and was ready to start his professional career. I started in an Industrial Plant Construction Company as Helper and was amazed about the installation of such plant. In the meantime I needed to do the military service but it was clear for me that I will return in this industry. This happens
couple of month later and I started to work again as Helper/Fitter and it was one of the best ideas ever because on this way, I learned to understand the business from workers point of view. Nevertheless, after a couple of years and with the Engineers school in the back, it was clear that I wanted to do more and I got the chance to work in office. In several projects I was working in Quality-, Work preparation-, Planning- and Commercial department before I was becoming a Project Manager.        Continue Reading

.............Without Scheduling Software you know in Real-time, from each Discipline where you are and where you should be. Subcontractors are getting vitreous for you, as you will even see on Work Team level where your Subcontractor Teams work on.

In addition you know at any time for each Discipline what is the current work values they have, how much are the additional works and you can therefore keep track on your project budgets............


Subcontractors become vitreous for you

Manage all Disciplines in 1 Software

Make informed decision because you have real-time information available

To execute Piping works is stress and pain. You have a lot of isometrics that is hard to track which team is working where and what is the status of it. Searching of Spools because they are not found. Welding, NDT and Repair works to be managed, traceability of material and heat numbers and of course to know where you are cost wise; that's just a few challenges you have with Piping works. We help you. You have a price list and Isometrics with part list automatic the As-Built value will be calculated. Revisions in Isometric, no problem the AS-Built value will be automatic update.......... 

Line List, Isometrics, Pressure Tests, TIE Ins, etc. manage all in 1 Software 

Full Material traceability from receiving until installation  

Shut Down means a lot of work in a very short time. Preparation is all and of course to know where you are in every minute of the Shut Down, to minimize interfaces and waiting times between different works and Companies and to have everybody on the same page. This is what you can do with METIS. Imagine how it would be if for each Equipment you have all the Steps to be done in one Software and all of the Shut Down involved Companies / Teams work with Tablets (or you install a Touch Screen Smart Board) and all Companies / Teams can enter just with a click and in real time ............

Report Progress in Real-time from Site

Give Task to other Partners and minimize interfaces

With METIS you can manage all of your Construction Disciplines like Civil works, E&I works, Piping, Steel structure, Painting, Scaffolding and Insulation in one Software. The time of using several Excel lists, having information on different places and entering the same data’s several times are over. Your team can do more work from the office or home office because you perfectly connect the construction site with the office and therefore fewer construction site visits and less people at construction site are necessary. Imagine what you and your team members will do with the extra time. Family or your hobbies will thank you............

Reduce the effort on Construction Site and work more from Home Office

Sign protocols or additional works right away at Construction Site 

Imagine, what happens when your EPC Contractor or another Company from Execution goes in bankruptcy? You want to avoid that Execution Companies force you to pay additional money otherwise they will not hand over documentation? You just think on this or others that can come up if you are already in this situation but then it is maybe to late or you have to spent additional money. Therefore, for you as Plant Owner, it is especially important to have the documentation, drawings and the status of your project always in your pocket. The same is valid for EPC Companies or in ... 

Digitalize your Projects and have all documents and project history available

Know at any time where you are 

We know that in projects from time to time you have a higher demand on Project Management people that you need for your project execution. With or without using METIS we also rent qualified Project Management people meaning Project Managers, Site Managers, QA/QC personell, Work preparation, Engineers, Commercial personal and Schedulers. All people we rent are English speaking and we know them over years. If you have a need just contact us. Of course also in implementation and using of METIS they can quite help you.

Cover your picks

Experienced and Reliable Project Management personell 



Digitalize your Project Management and bring your Project Execution now on the next level. Be fit for future. Be fit for Digitalization.
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Contact us and get  free cost presentation of the Software and we will analyze together if Plant-Digital can bring you to the next level. You get also free cost the checklist: "Is my project execution still up to date"
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We make a contract agreement and you can test the software 1 year without User-Fee or other monthly costs for the software. We will implementation and train your employees at your office. Your team member will know all in 1 day because the software is very easy to use and understand.
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You use the software and we will support you during the entire period.
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