YOU, execute successful your Industrial Plant Construction Projects, EPC Projects, Piping works and Shutdowns because you have all under control!
I will provide you the best project execution software!!! If it is not a benefit for you, it will be not done or is for FREE!!

I am sure, you are a successful Plant Owner, Plant Construction Company, EPC Company and/or Piping Company. You have already executed several projects in this very difficult industry, successfully. You are industry best practice, and you wish to be the benchmark for the next decades!

Nevertheless, even so, in some of those projects you faced also difficulties like Delays, Quality issues, Time pressure, Cost or Budget impacts, issues with Suppliers, discussion

with Clients or Subcontractor about invoicing and additional works performed and many other issues. That gives you headache and let you feel the pain of project execution. You are permanently looking for solution, to overcome daily challenges but missing data, missing real-time information, issues with bad or missing documentation, lack of clear and transparent workflows and other issues makes your daily business life hard. To take the right decisions, in finding of best solutions, as arguments towards clients and subcontractors and more; so that you can obtain the best result for your company?

 In worst case sleepless nights, suffering, frustration, being afraid, losing of money or trust with client and subcontractors are just a few of several results because of this situation. Some of us say, we don't get a salary paid, we get just compensation for personal pain and suffering.  You would say, normally daily project business? No is not because I can help you!


Since more than 20 years in this business, starting as Fitter up being General Manager of a Company with more than 1.000 permanent employees, I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same.



Simplify your project execution with a Solution that perfectly fits to your Company and your Employees and win against your competition!

Even I have a solution that is specially developed for the project/construction management of industrial plant construction projects, EPC projects, piping works, plant shutdowns, projects you have the Site Supervision and can be easily adapted to your exact needs, it is fair to tell you from the beginning that our solution is not suitable for every company. Therefore, the first and the most important step is, do identify what you really need!!  YOU, Simplify your Plant Construction Life!





Industrial Plant Construction / EPC / Shutdown / Piping  Construction have to be different in the future: Digital, all Disciplines and Partners integrated in one platform and real-time information for all team members.

You want to be afraid of losing your job or projects or you want to be the new HERO in project execution?

You are still losing against lower qualified competitors? Client does not see that you an innovative and professional company? Client still think it is easy to change you with someone else? You are still losing a lot of time and money, because your employees cannot work efficient? As they still have to work in several Excel lists or different softwares! Missing data and information makes it hard to make best and informed decisions? You are still losing money because you cannot record additional works at construction site or paying your subcontractors too much. With our cost free checklist, "is my Project/Construction Management still up do date" you can easy find out if you are playing in the Champions league or if Competitors already overpassed you left and right.


Do you think it would be a benefit for you if "the transparent project in real time" becomes reality? If you have all data, information, drawings, correspondences, etc. in your pocket at your fingertips and this with real time information? 


How would it influence your  project results when you perfectly connect the construction site with the office and therefore minimize your effort on site, which is saving costs in accommodation, daily allowances, traveling, site facilities, etc.? 


Where many Planning, Scheduling, Engineering and other software are available, do you think that in principal you still have potential to improve your project/ construction/ shutdown/ site supervision and that a specific cloud based software that covers the entire Project/Construction Management life cycle would be helpful?


Imagine what it would mean for you if you optimized and made easier your Interface Management with other disciplines and stakeholders involved because you have all people, teams, clients, subcontractors, connected (with related permissions), in each project, in one software? 
What would it mean for you and your company if you further burn money, lose unsatisfied employees, lose your market position or if you oversleep the  digitalization of your Project/Construction Management? Like Nokia for phones......
Benefit from our risk-free in the future warranty 

Fixed Prices, clear and easy to understand cost structure.

You don't need to pay more than planned from beginning. This is how you protect yourself from unwanted financial surprises. With our money back warranty the only risk is that you miss the future.

Maintenance & Updates

We are permanently developing the software further and you participate from the updates a life long, so that you can focus on your core business.

Support, Training, Webinar

After you catapulted yourselves on the next level of integrated Project/Construction Management we are with you and support you in your doing.

Investment security


Right from the start, the software is such that it can be expanded as required at any time. Your advantage: It never has to be replaced and can always be adapted to your individual needs

Your projects, your data.

You will be the owner of the cloud that are together chosen and therefore the data will be always yours. This gives you perfect security.

Experience sharing & Community

Become member of the METIS community and share your experiences, improvements around the world of industrial plant construction industry.


NEXT Level of Project/Construction Management

Most important is to analyze what you and your team need in order to bring your Project/Construction Management on the next level. So that you get considerable better than your competitors and therefore will earn more money!!
1.) FRANZ, when have you time to meet?
2.) We analyze with you what you need!
3.) If we have, we present you a potential Solution.
4.) Decision Go / No Go
If it is not a benefit for you, will be not done or is for FREE for you!!


Contact us and we establish a date where we will together with your team analyze, if there are potentials to improve your Project/Construction Management and what are the needs and wishes of your team.
If we together identified potentials to improve your Project/Construction Management and if we can make you a solution that your wishes become true, we will present you this solution.


You get our offer and after we turn the project into reality including implementation time frame, next steps and we support you a life long with Updates, Trainings and Webinars.


It is just up to you to take the ball of successful project execution and to play a chip pass into your organization........  


"As EPC Contractor we had in the past always issues with the construction execution. Even we had Primavera planning in detail, we were not always sure what is the real progress and we had a lot of discussion with the Construction Companies and Clients about that. Furthermore, we could not track on which drawings they are exactly working and if something is moving forward on these drawings. As Example in Piping we were not able to see in real time DIA Inch performed per day or if Subcontractors reported correct, nor, we have known if they are on Track with (NDT) testing or if this will cause us delays. There was a lot of non-visible parts in project execution and because of this, we also had always problems in reporting towards our Clients and finished projects most of the time at the last minute. Just since we use METIS we see what we have not seen before. The time pressure is the same but at least the construction part is vitreous for us now. Subcontractors cannot lie to us anymore and this is a huge improvement."

What are the time and financial effects on your projects if you don’t manage prober your subcontractors, partners and stakeholders involved?

How would it help you when subcontractors are vitreous for you and you know exactly on what they are working, how is their performance and if they cannot lie to you anymore because you have the same status of information?

It would be a benefit for you to achieve your project targets, if you could see in early stage already how your project budgets and execution are developing?





"Execution of Piping works is like a puzzle. You have a lot of small parts that you put together to something bigger. And like for a puzzle you need a plan. This plan are the 3D model, Isometrics, Layouts and other documents but all of them just tell me how it should look like but does not tell me where I am and what I have still to do. Here is where METIS comes. It tells me where I am for each isometric and which Team is working on it and therefore I can see what I have still to do. Furthermore, it helps me not to forget things like open Punchpoints, Site instruction to be executed, Pressure test and Blinding works and much more. Combined with the Welding & Material Management, Material traceability and Calculation module; the plans are the Orchestra and METIS is the contactor of the execution."

How would it help you and your business if you could spend less time dealing with paper works and to have only one source of truth instead of several excel lists?

What’s the average cost of low performance of working teams, high failure quote of welders, rework and to find it out late?





Would it be helpful if one software is telling you as Example, which isometrics you should prefabricate with the current available material in order to produce the most Dia Inch on Welding or to prefabricate the most weight?

"I don't want to think on the next Shutdown. Will be the biggest ever in our history and I have less and less reliable resources. Stress, Pain, Planning that is on the 2nd day already changed. Not to say, chaos. How I should manage this? I need a software where I know the status of each work step directly reported from construction site when is finished, where directly from construction site are give task to other parties involved so that they know that they can start with their work and where they can report that this tasks are finished and I know that I can continue with my works. I don't want to be lucky when I finished the Shutdown in time und budget! I want to manage the Shutdown!!"

How much time is wasted and how much waiting times occur per day because of inefficient communication with back office, subcontractors, partners and stakeholders involved?

Do you think you could improve your project result if you record Change Orders or additional works directly at site already and would therefore never forget to charge them?





Imagine what it means when your Foreman enter into a tablet or phone at site when they finished a work step and automatic the progress will be updated.

"Being Project Manager in Industrial Plant Construction projects is a nightmare. Pressure from Client, Subcontractors that goes on your nerves, Suppliers that are late with their deliveries and sometimes not the best people available in the project are one site being a Construction Company. The other site is to make all the arrangements to earn money, deliver best quality and to finish in time. There are so many things to be consideration in daily business that you see often not anymore, the forest because of too much trees. Most of the time we decided out from stomach because we had not the proper data available or in several Excel lists and then they were different. Furthermore, to manage all the interfaces with different subcontractors was quite a challenge because we had to many communication ways, internal and external. Since we have METIS, Construction Management is still a very hard job but at least we have now one source of truth that I can trust and all team members have the same status and information. It is also easier to involve new and temporary team members because we have a clear process of project execution."

What’s the financial impact on your business when your construction management team can’t keep up with the points ongoing at construction site?

Do you have bottlenecks, problems or is it difficult when people goes in holiday or to integrate new people in your project/construction management system?

Would if be helpful if you could manage all plant construction works in 1 software with real time information?






What would it mean for you if you have all the time the entire status and entire documentation, data, drawings, correspondence, etc. in your hands? Even when your main contractor goes in bankruptcy? 

Is it a benefit for you if you could on early stage already identify based on real facts when projects are running out of time or budget?

"We had a great investment project. All we were happy, and the works was ongoing. But during construction period the delay become bigger and bigger. Our EPC contractor told us stories over stories and we have known it but we did not know also the real status of the project. One day we decided to cancel the contract with the EPC Contractor because he also could not keep the budget and had payment delays to its subcontractor which stopped working. The plant was 80% finished and a huge effort for us started since we did not know where we are exactly, what is open to be done and we did not had the documentation. We made with the Subcontractors of the EPC Contractor own contracts and on this way, we got better insides where we are and especially also access to the documentation. All of this costed as a lot of additional money. Now we have METIS and we are happy because even maybe we cannot avoid that this happens again, at least we have all documents and documentation because all contractors need to save all documents in the software."

Do you think there is still a potential to improve your Supervision in order to identify earlier if your project targets will be kept? 





We put people and there individual
needs in our main focus

In everything we do, we want people to make everyday work easier in industrial plant construction industry. We believe that digital process optimization can make a big contribution to this. That is why we put people and their daily work processes at the center of our considerations and our actions. We attach great importance to individual needs and the ease of use of METIS. Together with our customers, we therefore also adjust individual the software to optimize your business processes.



Nothing is better than to see what the software can do for you. Therefore, watch some of our Videos to get a first impression.
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